You're stuck  and slowly dying of hunger! There's good news and bad news... The good news is you were locked in a bakery, so you have all the bread in the world to eat. The bad news is you have a gluten allergy... 

This game was created over two weeks for My First Game Jam: Summer 2021 event.  In this game, the player must do their best to find scraps of bread in order to not die from hunger. The theme of this game jam was "free". One of the first phrases we came up with was "gluten-free". And the thought of being locked in a bakery while having a fatal gluten allergy was really funny to our group so we simply built upon that. 


Programming + Design:  jteaaa#8556 on Discord

Player Art: @sol.artis on Instagram

Environment and UI Art: Irmak Cavun (website:, nannerbel#7777

Additional Art:  Snowy_Oshawott#7640 on Discord

Sounds + Music: @HerpDerpPurp on Twitter

Music: Charteeguh on Spotify (

StatusIn development
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, bread, Pixel Art, Top-Down


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congrats on the game! really nice aesthetic and overall performance in the game. I also liked that you added some other effects like speed boost when eating bread with different ingredients, like sugar. I only reached 900 points ;/

once again, nice job!


Hey, It was a fun game to play, even though my highscore is only 650. I also though that art is amazing. 


Hi there! Your game is quite cute! I love the art! My highscore was 700 I suck! 

Haha thank you for playing anyways!